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Many days I talk w/ God about my future

I know what  He has told me… but I often wonder how I will get there

I know that God will NEVER lie… but there are times when I doubt what I know to be TRUE


It is at these times, I am REMINDED that Faith and Fear cannot OPERATE  in the same place

Either you BELIEVE or you DON”T


God’s PROMISES are activated by Faith

and they are Yes and Amen!

He will not force us to TRUST Him…. but if we do the possibilities are ENDLESS

On this DAY, March 30, 2012 @ 3am… I DECLARE that I will be FEARLESSJOIN w/me…. You are NOT defeated…. Say it w/ me:  I will get to my DESTINY and I will LIVE on PURPOSE!!


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All we need is that MUSTARD seed Faith….. God will take care of the REST! –Chashe’





Dear SINGLE Man,

Dear Single Man,

I know that there are a lot of things that may not be going as you planned. Don’t give up on your FUTURE…. Seek God and Start again!

I am not a man, but I know plenty of men.

So I would like to encourage you to be the HEAD and not the TAIL. We need you… how can a BODY operate w/out the HEAD attached?

This letter is not meant to CRITICIZE you…. you are a gift to the world! You were created 1st! Don’t let your circumstances DISTRACT your FUTURE PROMISES.

If you are a FATHER… please be there for your children…. Your daughter needs to know how a man should treat her and your son needs to learn what it truly means to be a MAN!!  Even if you do not feel ready to be a dad…. GET READY…. God will never put more on you than you can bear.

Whether or not you are a FATHER…… it is  still IMPERATIVE that you take your life seriously. Find your passion and work towards it everyday. Allow your job to create income and resources to unlock financial doors to your dreams! So what if you don’t have a COLLEGE DEGREE…. take up a trade or be an entrepreneur… Just START somewhere!!

Last but not LEAST….I would also like to encourage you to ADD to the woman that God sends to be your HELPMATE… Don’t be INTIMIDATED by her achievements! Encourage and support her!! If she is trying to maintain celibacy, instead of FIGHTING her … JOIN  her…. until you walk down the aisle in HOLY MATRIMONY!  Find out what it really means to love someone. Love doesn’t come through SEX… it comes through INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP w/ another person. That includes LOVE, TRUST, HONESTY, LOYALTY etc….

((  TRUE LOVE can be seen through the love that God has for us>>>> AGAPE LOVE))

REMEMBER that God loves you and no matter what mistakes you have made, God has FORGIVEN you and you can START AGAIN! God bless you and I love you w/the LOVE of CHRIST!Image-Chashe’


Dear SINGLE lady,

+ALERT+  God paced this letter on my heart to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE others…. If this letter does not apply to you , please do not be offended. Just disregard… but I pray that it blesses all who reads… Single, Married, Divorced etc…. There will be a letter to the SINGLE MEN…. Stay Tuned!


This road has not been easy. You have had to make SACRIFICES… sometimes you felt ALL ALONE. There were times when you felt that because you did the RIGHT thing, that is why you have not engaged in a union (marriage). You have raised your children, you have given up yourself for their well being. If you don’t have children you have made something else your focus in life.

Well, God wanted me to let you know that he sees your good works. He is pleased w/ your life. He is PROUD of you in all that you do.  Whether you are a mother, college student, teacher, entrepreneur, singer, counselor etc… You are much needed and much appreciated!

Just because you are not MARRIED yet , doesn’t make you any less of a person. You are beautiful, any man would be LUCKY to have you!

God is so pleased w/ you that he can’t just let anyone come in and take you away. MR. Right has to treat you right and He must love God more than you. If he is FAITHFUL to God, then he will be FAITHFUL to you!

So keep your head up ladies and keep Fighting the good fight of FAITH!!! Your life is not over…. It has just Begun!!!

I love you My SISTERS!! May God bless you w/ your hearts DESIRES!!

She’ Moore (Chashe’)

Why do I need to READ???

“WHY do I NEED to READ??”

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