Why do I need to READ???

“WHY do I NEED to READ??”

It has been said that if you want to HIDE something from someone, put it in a book.  Well as I live my life, I have found that this can be true in so many cases.  We live in a society where everyone wants every thing RIGHT NOW!!  I, myself  am guilty of moving SO FAST that I don’t take the time to READ, MEDITATE, or just RELAX.

Out of all the books in the world, the most important book that I read is the BIBLE B*asic I*nstructions B*efore L*eaving E*arth.  The BIBLE gives me that daily dose of wisdom, correction, inspiration and more.  Many don’t pick up the bible until they are going through a TRAGIC situation. Well on this day I would like to ENCOURAGE you to read your word. The word of God brings about a change in our daily lives. It feeds us beyond what any amount of food can.

The word of God keeps us in CHECK!!! We may want to CURSE someone out or get revenge when someone WRONGS us. But when you consistently read God’s word, it will CORRECT you! Your flesh will decrease as your Spirit INCREASES! This will help you to OVERCOME many of the situations that you face everyday!!

I am not here to JUDGE or to say that I am perfect, but I am here to say that we all need to READ God’s word!! His word is like water to the body….. We need it to SURVIVE!



One thought on “Why do I need to READ???

  1. Brandon Wise says:

    I really like this She’! Its crystal clear and makes perfect sense. Keep on spreading the wisdom of God.

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