Dear SINGLE lady,

+ALERT+  God paced this letter on my heart to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE others…. If this letter does not apply to you , please do not be offended. Just disregard… but I pray that it blesses all who reads… Single, Married, Divorced etc…. There will be a letter to the SINGLE MEN…. Stay Tuned!


This road has not been easy. You have had to make SACRIFICES… sometimes you felt ALL ALONE. There were times when you felt that because you did the RIGHT thing, that is why you have not engaged in a union (marriage). You have raised your children, you have given up yourself for their well being. If you don’t have children you have made something else your focus in life.

Well, God wanted me to let you know that he sees your good works. He is pleased w/ your life. He is PROUD of you in all that you do.  Whether you are a mother, college student, teacher, entrepreneur, singer, counselor etc… You are much needed and much appreciated!

Just because you are not MARRIED yet , doesn’t make you any less of a person. You are beautiful, any man would be LUCKY to have you!

God is so pleased w/ you that he can’t just let anyone come in and take you away. MR. Right has to treat you right and He must love God more than you. If he is FAITHFUL to God, then he will be FAITHFUL to you!

So keep your head up ladies and keep Fighting the good fight of FAITH!!! Your life is not over…. It has just Begun!!!

I love you My SISTERS!! May God bless you w/ your hearts DESIRES!!

She’ Moore (Chashe’)


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