Many days I talk w/ God about my future

I know what  He has told me… but I often wonder how I will get there

I know that God will NEVER lie… but there are times when I doubt what I know to be TRUE


It is at these times, I am REMINDED that Faith and Fear cannot OPERATE  in the same place

Either you BELIEVE or you DON”T


God’s PROMISES are activated by Faith

and they are Yes and Amen!

He will not force us to TRUST Him…. but if we do the possibilities are ENDLESS

On this DAY, March 30, 2012 @ 3am… I DECLARE that I will be FEARLESSJOIN w/me…. You are NOT defeated…. Say it w/ me:  I will get to my DESTINY and I will LIVE on PURPOSE!!


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All we need is that MUSTARD seed Faith….. God will take care of the REST! –Chashe’





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