Many people mistake LOVE for PERFECTION

1 Corinthians 13 doesn’t say that when you love someone they will be perfect.

It leads me to BELIEVE that LOVE gives you the STRENGTH to bear ALL imperfections.

Love is PATIENT, Love is KIND

Love BEARS all things … Love BELIEVES all things….

Love HOPES all things ….. Love NEVER Fails

It’s funny how we say….. I don’t deserve to be treated this way or we are EASILY provoked by the ones we say that we LOVE….

I think it’s because we forget the TRUE meaning of LOVE

The Bible says that if you do not have LOVE, U have FAILED….

Question: Who are we FAILING??? 

Answer: God, Ourselves, and our loved ones


I challenge you today to LOVE….. LOVE until you can’t LOVE anymore.

Show LOVE to those who hate you,  who persecute you and of course those who LOVE U.

That’s what JESUS did… He loves us even though we are FLAWED

He looked beyond our transgressions and saw PURE PERFECTION – Chashe’



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