You can spend your time SEARCHING, SEEKING, and DESIRING

that human love that NEVER disappoints

NEVER forgets

NEVER  is selfish

When U seek this in a human being, U will always be let down

I am not saying that HUMAN LOVE is not possible…. but what I am saying is that love between two people is IMPERFECT…. The only way to learn about a PERFECT love is to know what it means to LOVE Christ and to know that He loves you!
God constantly reminds me that no matter what I have done and no matter or me wilI will do, His love for me will NEVER change! That doesn’t mean that I take His love for granted…. I LIVE to be all that He would have me to be! Knowing that God loves me just reminds me that I don’t have to PERFECT…. I just have to be ME!

I pray that this encourages you to be YOU…. Flaws and all! Seek God that he will PERFECT your Imperfections…. FIND what it means to TRULY be loved by Him so that U can be FREE to love others!

Written by: She’ Moore (Chashe’)

All Rights Reserved


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